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Richard Brooks turning up the volume

of North East voices on local and national issues

Richard Selected to represent his childhood home

in Arbroath & Broughty Ferry

It is a great privilege to be able to represent one of the areas I grew up in. As a school boy I went to Ladyloan School in Arbroath, had a fleeting attendance at Arbroath High, captained my house team, regularly went to see the Lichties football team play, walked the cliffs, fished the harbour wall; scored my first goal, had my first date, and got my first summer job; Lunan Bay and the Broughty Ferry were part of various day trips. 

We have had years of an SNP led council, an SNP led government, and all we see is decline. In Scotland only the Tories can reverse this, because we bring investment not independence nonsense:

Where is the Investment in Arbrouth, Carnoustie, Broughty Ferry and the surrounding areas. Its being spent on camper vans, failed ferries, failed gender recognition bill, failed bottle return scheme and failed independence campaigns, and you're told 'its Westminsters fault!' Come on, get a grip SNP! 

To be selected to represent the Conservatives in Arbroath and Broughty Ferry is an honour.

Ive always been straight:

  • A firm NO to Independence (we are the only party to explicitly stand up for Scotland in the UK)
  • A firm NO to any more SNP austerity and lies that some how its Westminster's fault
  • Yes! we need INVESTMENT not independence in our towns. Through the UK governments levelling-up fund, I will breathe new life into our high streets and town centres
  • Yes! we need INVESTMENT not independence, for our Tourism. My constituency has missed out on increased tourism, despite including Carnoustie golf, Broughty Ferry beach, Arbroath Abbey, Keptie pond, the famous Smokies, and the famous 36-0 football team, to name a few. All due to lack of investment
  • Yes! we need stability, INVESTMENT not independence to see business rates come down, to see the economy improve further, to keep taxes down, and see the right INVESTMENT in our Scottish NHS,and Police that despite the SNP mismanagement, we can once again have the best education, eradicate the highest child-poverty in Europe, and the highest drug deaths in Europe.
  • Yes! to better job opportunties, INVESTMENT in alternative energy sources like nuclear (SNP want to be part of the EU but reject the EU position on nuclear power - yet another missed opportunity!)

Shambolic SNP Scottish Government's underfunding of PoliceScotland leaves Aberdeen needing to close community police stations, but the SNP do not want you to hear that!

An amendment was proposed on the 23rd January 2024, asking for Police Scotland to bring a report explaining why there is a proposal to close police stations across Aberdeen. Whilst the SNP's response was that the Police need to step up and "operate in a more efficient manner", Cllr Richard Brooks wanted to give them an opportunity to tell the people of Aberdeen that it is due to the substantial resource cuts to Police Scotland from the SNP national government. Aberdeen City Council's SNP-led administration desperately didnt want this to happen and again opposed giving Police Scotland any opportunity to clarify the matter. This is typical devious SNP tactics to stop the public knowing what is REALLY going on!  Do not vote for the SNP again please!

ETZ St Fitticks -  Richard Brooks left to pick-up the pieces for the people of Torry and Cove, amending the SNP-led Administation Motion; as the Labour Party miss the point completely, almost leaving the community with absolutely nothing!

If all you are interested in is political point scoring, the people of Aberdeen and the Northeast will lose out. The Labour party can never be trusted to get it right, and once again they nearly lost it all with a stupid, self serving amendment, leaving Richard with no choice but to take back ground for the Aberdeen South community by fusing the ability for the community to receive benefits parallel to any leasing of land...this FIRSTLY being brought to committee to be agreed before the lease is realised.

This is a massive win for the Communities effected by the ETZ development; which was only made possible by Richard arguing for the community and intervening while Labour grasped at fresh air and floundered in unprecedented manor. Only the Conservatives have the acumen to get the best deal for people of our City.

Whilst the SNP administration fell silent, Cllr Richard Brooks raises concerns not readily reported in the Committee papers. Having done the hard work of finding and following links, and actually reading the Care Inspectorate reports, he challenges Officers over Child Safety once again, having firstly raised concern over Kingsford last year when a child escaped to the streets and was missing from the ELC setting for several minutes without staff being aware.

Aug/Sept 2023 - SNP fall silent as Richard Brooks raises concernes over Aberdeen North/South child security

May 2023 - SNP silent as Richard Brooks speaks up for Aberdeen South


Once again, Richard was left with no alternative but to raise the concerns of local parents over the findings of the School Care Inspectorate report, which detailed hygiene issues, hungry children, poor recording of medication; and staff addressing children in such a manner as to leave them confused and upset, impacting on their confidence and self-esteem. “Kirkhill parents are rightly concerned; but simply put, no one else seemed prepared to raise their voice on the parents behalf today. It’s the same in every meeting: no one but the Scottish Conservatives are speaking up for people in Aberdeen South

Cameron Roy Reported in the P&J:

Council Budget 2023 - SNP/LibDems are cutting the heart out of Aberdeen

An Embarrassment to the City of Aberdeen: The SNP budget - propped up by the spineless Lib Dems giving them a majority vote to cut libraries, to close swimming pools, to cut nursery schools, to reduce warm spaces, to take away funding from Sistema’s Big Noise Torry, to rip the heart out of our communities as we recover from a pandemic, fight the challenges of a cost of living crisis and high energy bills caused by the war in Ukraine. It’s shocking and its embarrassing that 12 months on, the SNP gravy train is already ruining our City. They talk about a light at the end of the tunnel, but its an oncoming SNP gravy train ready to drive over the peoples wishes. Please don’t ever vote SNP again!!

January 2023 - Fighting for our Teachers in Scotland

Richard Brooks is fighting for teachers in Scotland to receive a fair pay deal from the SNP led Scottish Government, calling them out locally as they try to make the public believe its a Westminster issue. The SNP have led us a merry dance with their lack of support for our local councils, our energy industry, Scotland's NHS and now our teachers - almost 12 months of procrastination from Holyrood on teachers pay. The SNP need to STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE AND PAY UP!

Winter 2022 - Taking urgent action to secure the safety of our children

As Group Deputy Leader and Education Spokesperson for the Conservative party, Richard has taken an active role in making sure our schools get as much support from the SNP led administration as possible. In November 2022, Richard had reason to raise an urgent motion with regard to an incident where a child went missing from Kingsford nursery for 25 minutes before the alarm was raised. Through this motion Richard made an urgent call to ensure a repeat of this episode could not happen again anywhere in the city.

Exerts from the P&J online, November 7, 2022 by Lottie Hood:

Summer 2022 Championing the Energy Industry in the Northeast

In a meeting with Rishi Sunak, Richard highlighted the growing concerns of his constuents and that of the whole of the North East and asked if the minister would continue to speak up for the energy sector. The SNP/Green Scottish Government appear to be making no sense to the region, or the nation on this and the SNP MP for Aberdeen South has been confusingly out-of-touch and silent in representing some 120,000 people in his area that work in the sector. Rishi reassured Richard that Oil and Gas has an increasingly important role to play in the energy security of the UK , and was important for sustained economic growth across the region as Scotland, and the rest of the UK, recover from the aftermath of the pandemic.

May 2022 Richard is Elected !

Kincorth Nigg & Cove

Councillors (L to R):

Brooks (Conservative)

Nicol (SNP)

Radley (SNP)

Thomson (Labour)

Spring 2022 local elections

In an effort to give a louder voice to the communities he represents across the city, Richard has thrown his hat into the ring to become a councillor on the Southside of the city. An area predominently misrepresented by the SNP in local and national governments, Richard is seeking a somewhat improbable election as a Conservative and Unionist candidate for Kincorth, Nigg and Cove. 

Winter 2021 Richard interviewed by STV News

STV news reporter Haley Bouma asked to interviewed Richard as a leading authority on addressing social depravation in the North East, in the week leading up to Christmas.

An edited version for the evening news is HERE.

For those that dont know, Under the current national regime, Scotland has the worst child poverty statistics in Europe, the worst drug death rate in Europe, and we are the heart desease central of Europe. This is unacceptable and cannot continue. Richard will use whatever means appropriate to see these statistics reversed.

Richard Brooks

Winter 2021 TLC win Scottish Charity of the Year  look HERE.

Autumn 2021 Cllr Douglas Lumsden MSP Supports TLC's work across the North East.

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Summer 2021  TLC publically commended in Scottish Parliament look HERE

Autumn 2020 Former Golf Champion Supports the work of TLC during the COVID lockdown.

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Together we can do more!

Tribal politics has never been Richard's 'thing'. Good policies and good performance in the communities that make up Aberdeen is what he is looking for. We hope that the information here will help you articulate an opinion, and more importantly join him in his quest to see communities and social cultures transformed and enhanced for the vulnerable and isolated. The impossible goal he strives for is the elimination of social depravity in his communities across the North East of Scotland.


Since 2002/2003 Richard has been actively involved in trying to give people a hand-up rather than merely a hand-out. Having worked with George Bain at Aberdeen night Shelter in the early 2000's Richard realised that it wasn't just the people that needed to experience change, but the society and culture they were exposed to. Since then, he has been involved in many projects to see transformation across the city.

Richard Brooks Community