On the 22nd of June, following an emergency meeting of Aberdeen Social Action Charity TLC, it was decided that TLC would donate 1.5 tonnes of food to the troubled CFINE foodbank.

TLC, who have been operating since 2002, have 50 partners drawn from voluntary and community groups, schools, council departments, faith based groups and public sector staff. They have food banks operating from Torry, Tullos and Garthdee.

TLC Chairman Rick Brooks said, "Last year Instant Neighbour supplied 4000 food parcels, whilst CFINE reported that they provided 10,000 food parcels. This year the need has been far greater than anyone anticipated."

In the last four weeks TLC have given out almost one tonne of food as demand across the city increases. 

Rick Brooks went on to say, "The first quarter results for this year show that the need has doubled compared to the same period last year. However, through the generosity of the customers in Garthdee Sainsbury's and the Langstacht Tesco's we still have enough food to meet our ongoing demand. We are sharing our food with CFINE in the hope that together we can continue to help those suffering from food depravation across our city."

Last year TLC, who have run community projects for fifteen years, gave out over 9 tonne of food. Whilst working primarily in Aberdeen South, TLC have had requests from all over the city. In response to social and economic challenges, TLC run school breakfast clubs (Kaimhill Primary School) and are about to partner with the Garthdee Parish Church with the "Make Lunch : Lunch and Learn" scheme, giving free meals to children during the school holidays.

TLC Chairman Rick Brooks concluded, "Aberdeen has been good to many of us over the years. Most people in need require a hand-up, not simply a hand-out. Through good relationships, and active partnerships we are make a substantial and sustainable difference. We can all help each other give something back to this great city. TLC helping CFINE is just one such example."


Notes to the Editor:

TLC is an Aberdeen based Social Action charity formed in 2002 by Rick and Amy Brooks to initiate engagement between local business and local communities with the aim of helping those in short-term crisis, be it with food deprivation and social isolation.

TLC is a registered charity TLC SCIO, SC042674.

TLC Foodbanks operate in partnership with the National Foodbank network, theTrussell Trust.


TLC is grateful to all the business and business people that help, support, and/or sponsor our activities including Citrus Mix (Danny Cowie); Christ Central Church; Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Harlaw Academy, Inchgarth Community Centre, and various Lord Provosts, Councillors and MPs over the years.

TLC was awarded a Spirit of the Community Awards for Garthdee in 2016.

Further response can be sought through Chairman Rick Brooks 07595 221 068 and/or Operations manager, Tim McIlroy 07542 049898.

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