Social Action group TLC, who run youth groups, breakfast clubs, community groups and foodbanks have teamed up with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust (AFCCT) to provide facilities for charities, groups, and families that would ordinarily not have the opportunity to watch a football match in a coroporate hospitality box. One of the families using it this week was a single parent family who were able to invite their friends for a 'one of a kind' experience. Ingrid Akindileni said, "This is a wonderful experience. I cannot thank Richard Brooks, TLC and Aberdeen Football Club [Community Trust] enough for doing this for us."

TLC Chairman Rick Brooks said, "We are delighted to jointly sponsor this opportunity with AFCCT for the 2018/19 season. No one can truly measure the way this will affect the communities we work into. I serve and support some of my city's poorest and most vulnerable people and families. To have the opportunity to work with AFCCT and offer this facility is a winner for all involved."

AFCCT Chief Executive Ally Prockter said, "We are delighted to be sponsoring the main stand box with TLC, as this partenrship enables us to give support to many of our own participants as well as other organisations."

TLC, who have been operating since 2002, have 50 partners drawn from voluntary and community groups, schools, council departments, faith based groups and public sector staff. They have outreach and engagement projects across Aberdeen, and in particular in the South of the city.

TLC have run community projects for seventeen years, including primary school breakfast clubs, youth outreach groups, community clean-up groups, befriending groups and foodbanks. Over the years they have touched more than 100,000 lives. They have an ongoing partnership with Aberdeen Football Club Community Trust, sponsoring a corporate box at Pittodrie. The TLC foodbanks are run in Partnership with the Trussell Trust.


Notes to the Editor:

TLC is an Aberdeen based Social Action charity formed in 2002 by Rick and Amy Brooks to initiate engagement between local business and local communities with the aim of helping those in short-term crisis and social isolation.

TLC is not just a Foodbank organisation. It is a Social Action Charity working in Children and Youth engagement projects with schools, football clubs, and community groups. It currently runs one youth engagement project, two school breakfast clubs and three foodbanks.

TLC is a registered charity TLC SCIO, SC042674.

TLC Foodbanks operate in partnership with the National Foodbank network, the Trussell Trust.


TLC is grateful to all the business and business people that help, support, and/or sponsor our activities including Citrus Mix (Danny Cowie); Christ Central Church; Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Harlaw Academy, and the Lord Provost, Councillors MSPs and MPs over the years.

Further response can be sought through Chairman Rick Brooks 07595 221 068 and/or Operations officer, Tim McIlroy 07542 049898.

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