25th September 2020

Former Open Champion Paul Lawrie OBE gives his support to TLC

“I am delighted to help Richard and Amy, and the work of TLC, which is already making a real difference to peoples lives in the North East”

Paul Lawrie OBE

Above: Richard Brooks and Paul Lawrie join forces to help the North East at TLC Foodbank

A New Van to take the burden

During the COVID lockdown it was necessary to use personal cars to pick up and distribute food. When Paul heard about this, he set up a 12 month lease agreement with Morrison Motors and handed the keys over to TLC. Through this act of kindness, approxiately 1000 meals were delivered to those in need, isolated and vulnerable during the 5 days leading up to Christmas 2020.

Since then approximately 100 meals a week have been distributed across aberdeenshire and kincardineshire. 

Together we have done more!