Born Richard John Brooks, in Plymouth, Devon. He attended a secondary modern school until joining the Civil Service as an apprentice plater/boilermaker in HM Dockyard, Devonport.

A misunderstanding of the "Onyerbike" statement from the then Employment Secretary, Norman Tebbit led to Richard moving to Barrow-in-Furness to work in the Trident Submarine design office. During these eight years in Cumbria he covered many chapters in his life. He took an interest in politics, canvassing in the general election campaign for then-Labour candidate John Hutton (now Lord Hutton) who was fighting to gain the Barrow and Furness seat from the popular Conservative MP Cecil Franks. Richard is proud to have been involved with the subsequent and astonishing 'anti-Trident' Labour candidate's victory over the  pro-Trident MP, in an area heavily job-dependent on Trident.  By the time he left Cumbria, Richard had obtained a Master of Science degree from Lancaster University, having worked in the Vickers Shipyard (VSEL) as a radiation physicist. Shortly before leaving for Aberdeen, Richard met and married his now wife of 23 years, Amy.

ABERDEEN: Land of hope and glory


Whilst working in Aberdeen for Lloyd's Register as a legal compliance & safety engineering specialist, Richard became a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Physicist, and eventually a European Engineer (Eur.Ing.) and somewhat of an expert in UK Offshore Legislation. His ongoing interest in social action and social justice led to the founding of the social action charity TLC in 2002.

His interest in politics continued to grow and he eventually became Labour campaign coordinator for Aberdeen South.  Whilst being recognised as an Oil & Gas Industry Technical Authority, Richard gained a B.D. from Aberdeen University. By 2015, Richard had written the leadership book, "The Crown of Absalom". After 30 years in Shipbuilding, Nuclear, and Oil & Gas sectors, he continues to be aware of deprivation across the UK which fuels his commitment to politics (for long-term change) and community work (for near-term change). His efforts have been relentless in alleviating deprevation in the Oil and Gas capital of Europe.

CORE VALUES: Integrity, honesty and transparency


Richard has lived in Aberdeen for more than 20 years and has built a reputation both professionally and socially for living a life of integrity, honesty and transparency. In 2014, he chaired the Aberdeen South Independence debate which included Richard Baker MSP, Cllr Angela Taylor, Callum McCaig (later a MP) and Professor Hugh Pennington CBE.


Richard has always made space for people from all walks of life.

His continued commitment to social change has seen many lives transformed. Working with and alongside organisations such as Aberdeen City Council, various schools and community groups, his work for TLC continues to grow quietly from strength to strength, gaining local (2016 Garthdee Spirit of the Community award) and national (Trussell Trust Partnership) recognition, and gaining resource support from local and national businesses, the Robertson Trust, and Aberdeen City Council.


Richard and Amy have three children (22, 19, and 14 years old), live in the Aberdeen City area, and enjoy reading, walking and community life . Together they oversee TLC's School Breakfast Clubs, Youth and Children Outreach, and Aberdeen's largest Foodbanks in Torry, Kintore and Garthdee. Together, these programmes have touched the lives of 10's of thousands of people.


Richard is part of a local churchparticularly enjoys reading, writing and studying. He currently has degrees in Science, theology and currently is a Research student in Politics at Aberdeen University.


Richard Brooks Amy


Richard John Brooks

Date of birth

July 10th 


Aberdeen Central/South

Outreach Area

Aberdeen South and North Kincardine CLP;



+44 (0)7595 221 068


B.D.(Hons), M.Phil., M.Sc.

Aberdeen University & Lancaster University

Interests and Experience

Local Government,

Community & Family Education, Development and Transformation;

Social Action/Justice; Law and Legal Reform;

Equalities and Human Rights Justice;

Innovation,Technology and Energy (Oil&Gas)

Pet hates

Inequality, Racism, Homophobia, Exclusion and Dishonesty


Football (spectator!);

Music, Research, Writing and Running (slowly)


Burgess of the City of Aberdeen

Aberdeen University General Council Board

Chartered Engineer, IMarEST

Chartered Physicist, IoP

Chartered Marine Engineer

Personal Statement & Commitments

Performance not just Promises :  Let's not lean our whole life on the promises of others. Let's measure and celebrate what has been done by an individual and a community as priority. There are too many that have been ejected, dejected and rejected by today's society. I am working hard to narrow the chasm between those who have and those who have not. As someone who has faced redundancy and struggled with low income, I know personally that most people do not want a hand-out, they simply need a hand-up. This is both my history and continued goal - and this is what I do, not just what I say.

Listening and Acting : History has recorded that I listen to the people and fought to implement change. I have personally been responsible for the implementation of community projects for children (School Breakfast clubs), for those in crisis (Three Foodbanks opened) and the socially isolated (Aberdeen-South Befriending Project). I have steered and bridged the multi-generation gaps through various projects like the 'ProjectAberdeen' Heritage Project 2018-2019; and I continue to push for social and economical changes in my city and my communities, through hand-ups not just hand-outs.

Not just another Politician : Through every challenge and success, I have worked with people of all generations and vocations to see positive change happen. Much of this has been under the radar and without a political agenda. However, to benefit a whole region it will take a whole new level of influence. So, one day if you see my name on a ballot paper I'd ask you to notice the difference between the promises of others and those who have already done it before. For the sake of your town, city and/or region, select the one who has already delivered and has a proven record of doing it time and time again for the many!

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